4% coffee and orange sour

Our first collab offer, and a chance for us to have our beer in cans, came by the generosity of Twisted Barrel who have always been so kind to us. The brew deserved to be something special. And this is, very special.

Based on Twisted’s Berliner Weiss recipe, we added Mandarina Bavaria hops, blood orange and satsuma juice, and beautiful and ethical coffee from Orang Utan. Read more about the brew day here.

The result is a beer for the daring – possibly divisive in nature, as it smells of coffee and tastes of orange with a light hit of coffee aftertaste. We absolutely love it.

The beer was created as part of the Coventry Art Space project, so artist Luisa Freitas did the fabulous can illustration using some of the coffee to paint with.

Available from Twisted Barrel

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