Cajoled by everyone else in to visiting Universal Studios, I had assumed this would be a ‘no beer blog’ kinda day. But I was wrong (unusual, I know – mark the date in your diaries folks…) For a start, I had reckoned without The Simpsons and the fabulously infamous Duff beer served For Real in the Duff Beer Garden. Of course, I didn’t actually drink the stuff – I’m far too much of a beer snob for that – but I was suckered I to paying a small fortune for a fancy aluminium (?) bottle of Blue Moon simply because I’d not seen one before. The beer tasted the same, but I think it stayed cooler for longer. Of course, I could be imagining it… Thinking that was the end of an unexpected beer blog, I was surprised to find a craft beer place in the Universal City Mall (or whatever it’s called). Karl Strauss Brewing Company has a female Head Brewer, Melissa Sanchez, who is jolly good at her job – their  Wreck Alley imperial stout is spot on, deep, dark, and delicious. They also serve great food at reasonable prices so I’d def say venture out of the park for your dinner! We also learnt what a ‘bomber’ was, in terms of bottle size to take home – a 650ml bottle. We’d not heard the term before, not sure that it would be widely understood in UK? Jon adds: Only place I’d heard ‘Bomber’ outside US was Brewdog calling their double-size 660ml Punk IPA bottles ‘Bombers’ on their site and in Sainsbury’s. (When they were cheap at £2.50).