FOUR new beers!

We’ve been holding back a few beers for various reasons, but are delighted to announce FOUR, count ’em, brand new brews released in to the wild today … As Lime Gose By: a lime and bergamot goseThe Watchful Tree: a Scotch Ale with silver birch Thirty 50: an experimental IPA brewed for Simon’s birthdayVianne: a […]


Wigan here we come….

We are thrilled to have been invited to send a beer up to Wigan Beer Festival 2019, running from Thursday 28 February to Saturday 2nd March. They’ve chosen As Lime Gose By, our sour beer made with Indian white limes, pink Himalayan rock salt, and Calabrian bergamot. The result is a refreshing citrus taste with […]


We have lift off!

It might have felt like a long time coming, but we are now selling beers to the world! OK, only a small corner of the world at the moment but we’re in business. On Saturday 1st December we announced our arrival at a very packed Beer Gonzo. (As Jon pointed out it was only a […]


All systems go. Let’s buy lino! Lino? Lino?!

When we decided to go commercial, in our teeny tiny way, I did not imagine for one moment that our first actual purchase, our first momentous handing over of hard cash that would deplete our small pot of money, would be for lino flooring! The process of setting up a commercially licenced brewery in the […]