Vegas was so Vegas that there was a tv in the corner of our bathroom and a phone on the wall in the WC. To us Brits, this is the very height of decadence. Anyway, on our last morning there, the tv weather presenter delivered the news that temperatures that day would reach 110. Ho, ho, I thought, glad we’re leaving for Palm Springs. Then the presenter said, “And Palm Springs will reach 115”. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, almost literally. Luckily Palm Springs had a superb bar waiting for us, fully air conditioned and with lots of lovely cold beer. With many taps of beer to choose from at Draughtsman (see what they did there? They’ve done it very stylishly!), and some gorgeous sounding hoisin chicken wings, the greedier two of our party of four decided this was the place to be, not the famously vertigo-inducing aerial tramway, and settled in. I particularly liked the reverse of their food menus – aren’t the drawings beautiful? Despite all the regular brews being on the Happy Hour offer, I picked a guest: Stone‘s W00t a barrel aged imperial stout and it was utterly delicious. Because Stone are big, I had snottily assumed their stout would be solid but ordinary, no great shakes, but I was very wrong indeed. Rich and tasty and nicely cold, it is nigh on perfect; I know lots of people don’t think stout is a Summer drink but I disagree. I was keen to avail myself of the discounted beers, and felt I should definitely try the Cigar City Belgian White – it would cost a lot more in the UK. It was fine and dandy, but just no Stone stout so I had just the one more as the rest of our hot and weary (but adrenaline-fuelled) party returned from on their terrifying ordeal. Food was great, servers are lovely, place had a great relaxed vibe; I think us greedy folk chose well.