On a day free of the sprogs, thanks to Disney, we headed off to the coast to visit Battleship Iowa and then on to Newport Beach for some whalewatching. To celebrate the many dolphins we saw, and the humpback whale which obliging swam under our tiny boat, we stopped in Newport Beach Brewing Co for a delicious Imperial Bourbon Brown Ale. The we drove back to Placentia, where you are truly spoiled for choice with breweries having The Bruery and many others. We decided to stop at Noble Ale Works, which did not disappoint. As I wasn’t the driver, I could have a full flight of five but generously allowed my driver to populate one of these with his DIPA choice.
  • Window Crisis 2018: DIPA with El Dorado and Mosaic
  • Naughty Sauce: nitro coffee white stout
  • Nana’s Nannermuffin: strong brown banana bread beer
  • Couch Nap: imperial with blackberries and cinnamon
  • Nightcapper: imperial with raspberries – a beautifully made beer that tasted exactly like expensive chocolates
To make up for losing one of my flight to a DIPA I then got Man’s Milk, their nitro chocolate stout, and embarrassed myself by asking for their cold brewed coffee beer only to find it out it was actually just cold brewed coffee (on nitro, and delicious – I’d love to see that catch on here esp decaff, great for drivers). I particularly loved Noble Ale Works’ beer descriptions on their flight menus – they show so much personality and humour. All in all, another great place to hang out – great vibe, friendly staff, and brilliant beers.