Dankobah can


Another collab with our friends at Twisted Barrel. This time it’s a hazy DNEIPA coming in a 8% abv. It’s a soft, juicy IPA with heaps of tropical flavour. Hopped with Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe and fermented with London Ale III yeast. It’s in cans, so look out for it in your local specialist […]

Can featuring an orang-utan


Twisted Barrel ale are basically our big brother when it comes to brewing. We have been members of their Home Brew Club for a while now and we were enormously grateful for their encouragement and sage advice when we took the plunge commercially. So when they asked us to collaborate on a brew as part […]



Most of our beer ends up in a keg. There are a number of reasons for this and one of the key benefits for us, as a relatively new brewery, is that it means that we monitor the beer – at least to some extent. It’s a luxury which larger brewers don’t necessarily have: we […]


We have lift off!

It might have felt like a long time coming, but we are now selling beers to the world! OK, only a small corner of the world at the moment but we’re in business. On Saturday 1st December we announced our arrival at a very packed Beer Gonzo. (As Jon pointed out it was only a […]



Just in time for your Christmas shopping we now have merchandise available. Hi quality T-shirts and nice warm hoodies, plus a floppy beanie. All unmistakably Mashionistas. Why not pop into our shop?


Meanwhile, locked away in the lab…

It’s all about quality and it’s check, check and check again here at Mashionistas. For me, I think this might be the hardest part of the brewing game. Here we have an 6% IPA straight out of the keg. Based on a simple recipe of Pale Malt, Wheat and Oats generously dry hopped with Mosaic […]


First beer in the keg!

So we’ve made a beer. Our first one, a Brut IPA, was always going to be the one with all the mistake so it’s possible this one won’t see the light of day. The great thing is with brewing, of course, is that we won’t know until we try it – probably in about a […]


Ready. To. Brew.

Just as I was beginning to think it might never happen, the final missing piece of the brewery has arrived and we are, at last, ready to brew. We need to tell you all about our first brew day but before we do I know some of you will be interested in the kit. I […]


Next stage: brew room is ready

After a lot of work, the garage has been refurbed to a standard acceptable for food and drink prep. We struck lucky in that we found two great catering workstations for sale on ebay, but we were sad to hear, when we picked them up, that they were from a small charity which was having […]


All systems go. Let’s buy lino! Lino? Lino?!

When we decided to go commercial, in our teeny tiny way, I did not imagine for one moment that our first actual purchase, our first momentous handing over of hard cash that would deplete our small pot of money, would be for lino flooring! The process of setting up a commercially licenced brewery in the […]